Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

You now have the choice of entrusting someone internally with this new area of responsibility, hiring new employees or handing over digital marketing agency to an online agency. When it comes to taking over or handing over digital marketing, the comparison with the staffing and performance of a band is almost always very appropriate.

One-man band

If you decide to handle the online marketing internally yourself, this is equivalent to a one-man band. If the worst comes to the worst, a few chords are played on the guitar, then a few notes are blown into the harmonica and the drum is then operated with a motivated foot stamp. Even if all instruments can be played at the same time, the performance is rather curious than a musical pleasure. In other words, a person will hardly be able to carry out effective online marketing.

House band

Diversification doesn’t hurt: you hire your own in-house music combo. Your company band, however, first has to play in a bit and find its way in the still unfamiliar line-up. If you have cast them well, you will be able to present an acceptable sound after a while. However, the new experience of appearing in front of different audiences and musical influences from different places will unfortunately no longer reach the members of your house band. In addition, you employ some new colleagues and colleagues, who must also be led.

Trends, technologies, new impulses and a view beyond the end of one’s nose through changing industries and projects can hardly be generated by an internal online department. An internal online department must also be well staffed and managed both administratively and operationally.

Professional musicians

Full-time musicians are virtuosos of their instrument, because making music is their job. Due to their routine, professionals can quickly find their way into existing instrumentations. Professional musicians speak the same language and bring with them professional expertise. Due to the diverse appearances with various sets, a lot of experience and new influences come together.

If you have a fantastic guitarist or an excellent singer in your ranks, real professionals can also integrate your colleagues. Maybe you don’t need a whole band at the beginning, but you want to start with a saxophonist. An internet agency also provides you with the necessary online marketing expertise in a flexible and professional way. Exactly in the right scope and tailored to your needs and wishes.

How do you plan to meet the online competition?

You want to actively use online marketing for your company so that you can be found online. But both the paid Google ads and the Google search results are subject to a fierce online competition that you should not neglect, even if you are in a niche with your product or service.

In fact, you’ll only be found online in the top ten places in Google search results. Research1 shows that around 60% of searchers click on the first Google search result position. The second position is only 16% of the clicks, position 3 still manages 8% and then it goes steeply downhill. The position 10 registers only 0.17% clicks. For these ten places on the first page of the Google search results you compete with your competition. You yourself have to evaluate how this competition presents itself for your company and to what extent you would like to meet it.

Conduct digital marketing in-house

Suppose you want to do all the digital marketing within the company yourself. You need a digital marketing manager (..manager, do it yourself. Easy.) who coordinates all the trades, web design and web development (currently made brave by the IT admin?), online editing (the interns are usually quite motivated) and social media management (done by the trainee as a digital native). You can try to fill all disciplines with internal personnel. However, check to what extent you then create one-man bands or establish inefficient in-house bands.

To compete with a competitor who, unlike you, employs an agency, you either need to open your own online marketing department or hire a (possibly priceless) jack-of-all-trades.

Expertise and experience

Already in the web design and the web development optical, technical and also the appropriate aspects of the digital marketing must flow in or you usually revise your business website unnecessarily in a second step again. Ongoing and successful digital marketing also requires in-depth expertise on a wide variety of topics, such as search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), content marketing or social media management. You can rely on an agency team of specialists.


With advice tailored specifically to your problem, you have access to an entire team of online specialists. Web designers, web developers and online marketing specialists from one agency work together to ensure the success of your web project.


This applies to all services that you purchase externally. You only purchase the service to the extent that this is sensible and necessary. Start with a small service package to get to know the online agency first and to test the quality of the cooperation. If you would like to intensify your online marketing activities, you can discuss this with your agency, which will be happy to advise you further.


The use of high-performance systems for the analysis, automation and management of online marketing measures and campaigns is usually too expensive for small and medium-sized companies. In addition, the online marketing tools are complex due to the various evaluation and reporting options and only the individually relevant and functional functions are really known through regular application.

Online agencies already have the corresponding software at their disposal and they can benefit the most from the systems for you.

New perspectives

In most cases it is good not only to rely on one’s own, well-trained inner view. External consultants of an online agency bring in a neutral view from the outside. Since marketing is always also a management topic, this view is often not limited to the current online topics, but often also uncovers other management aspects. It is also easier for outsiders to take the customer perspective for you.



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