Preparing Your HVAC System

The air conditioner, your friend and helper: As much as we are happy about radiant weather in summer – once the heat has settled in your apartment or house, the desire to cool down often arises. Here are some tips from HVAC Escondido about the difference between mobile and fixed air conditioning systems and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Tasks of the air-conditioning system

The primary function of air conditioning is to cool a room to a desired temperature. The difference between outside and inside temperature should not be higher than approx. five to six degrees. In order to achieve this desired room cooling, the so-called “cooling load calculation” of an expert should therefore be made before purchasing an air conditioning system: It calculates the individual cooling requirement depending on room specifications such as room size, solar radiation, heat sources and other parameters and simplifies the selection of the right unit.

A modern air conditioner does much more than just cool at the touch of a button: it can heat, filter the room air and regulate humidity. The advantage: the dehumidification of the air as well as the pollen and dust filtering system of the air conditioning system reduce the risk of infection in your own four walls.

Mobile air conditioning: monoblock and split units

With exhaust hose: The so-called monoblock units are small, compact and practical. A socket outlet and a tilted window are sufficient for commissioning, as the cooling surface and heat dissipation are located in the same unit. And the air conditioning system can be conveniently pushed on castors into all rooms to be cooled. However, with such an air cooler, the room heat is dissipated through a hose about ten centimeters thick through the open window to the outside. This allows warm fresh air to flow back into the apartment. This creates a cycle of heating and cooling, against which the air conditioning system has to work – and this in turn entails high energy consumption. In addition, Stiftung Warentest warns against the noise level of this air-conditioning system and a rather moderate cooling capacity. Since the devices differ greatly in performance and consumption, it is definitely worth comparing this air conditioning system.

With outdoor part: The mobile split unit is equipped with an additional outdoor unit that serves as a connection to the outside. This two-part mobile air conditioning unit is an indoor unit that sucks in and filters the warm air and an outdoor cooling compressor. Both units of the mobile air-conditioning system are connected by a thin, well-insulated hose through which both the electrical line and the refrigerant, which dissipates the heat, pass. In the case of the two-part units, however, the question arises as to where the outdoor unit can be placed if there is no balcony or terrace. This is because the landlord often blocks installation on the outside facade.

Permanently installed air conditioning system

This air conditioning system is considered to be more effective than the mobile versions, its cooling capacity is generally rated higher – especially in larger rooms. However, this version of the air-conditioning system is also much more expensive and additional installation costs are incurred by the consumer. Both the indoor and outdoor units are permanently installed in the house or apartment. A distinction is made between wall and ceiling units for the interior part of the air conditioning system. An air-conditioning system that is not only intended to provide a pleasantly cool room climate in a certain room, but also in several rooms, is called a multi-split unit and works with an outdoor unit and several indoor units connected to it.

Advantages of air conditioning

Whether in the office or in your own four walls: If the room temperature exceeds a certain limit, the concentration and performance capacity drops rapidly, at 33°C even by an average of 50 percent. By cooling down to the recommended room temperature, an air-conditioning system ensures that we can work better and feel comfortable – a great advantage. A mobile air conditioner can also be used in any room thanks to its castors and is easy to install. Another advantage of the modern air conditioning system is that it uses chlorine-free refrigerant mixtures or propane that does not attack the ozone layer. Eco appliances are also available.


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